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Smart Things App overly compressing uploaded images.

(Topic created on: 5/4/21 9:12 AM)
Qled and Frame

Just got a 2021 65" frame.  I also have an older 2018 45" frame. First off I notice that the 45 is quite a bit sharper. I also noticed that the image quality of images uploaded with the Smart Things app for use in art mode was not great. Again my older frame was way better. I am getting images that look overly compressed with smoothing of details and banding of colors in sky's and such.

I found out if you upload an image and don't crop it or add a mat to the image, the image DOES NOT get recompressed and everything looks pretty good. (Older 45 is still sharper). If you upload an image, and during the upload process, crop the image or add a mat to the image, the software will severely compress the image causing artifacts. 

Can anyone else confirm this to be true on their set?

The work around I found is 1. don't crop any image in the software. 2. upload the image and just click "save to frame". 3. after uploading, if you want a frame/mat around your image, go back and select the image on the frame and add the mat. This will add the mat but for some reason doing it this way does not trigger the super re-compression of images.

Would love this to be fixed asap!!


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