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Some areas of the Q70T screen flickering when using Apple TV 4K

(Topic created: 07-17-2021 06:49 PM)
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I’ve tried everything on this one and it’s driving me crazy. 

I recently disconnected my TV and moved it into another room. Since then, I’ve noticed that some dark areas and some light areas of the picture flicker when watching Apple TV 4K content including YouTube, Disney Plus and shows purchased from iTunes. It’s like the backlight is going crazy or out of sync with the content, but just in those areas.

I tried resetting the TV to factory settings, I swapped HDMI cords, I used an expensive 8K cord, I swapped ports, I changed Apple TVs, I looked at the content on the Samsung’s internal apps and other streaming boxes to confirm there was no flicker, I looked at it on another (LG) TV to confirm there’s no flicker there, I changed every possible picture and HDMI setting on the Samsung, I ran every diagnostic on both and found no problems. 

And I finally found fixes, but they are temporary and unsatisfactory. The first is to set the Apple TV to 1080p. Not great. It also works to set the Apple TV to 50 hz. Also not ideal. Finally, I discovered that if I set the Apple TV to 1080p SDR and hit “enable HDR” this will cause the Samsung screen to blank for a minute, the icon will spin and then things will work. I can set the ATV to 4K SDR, turn on match dynamic range and frame rate, and everything works as it should. For a while. If I turn off the TV it breaks again. It even broke somehow after a few hours with the TV on. 

I feel like this might be related to the fact that now the Samsung no longer recognizes the Apple TV when it’s plugged in. No matter what it calls it unknown device. But oddly I can still control this unknown device with the Samsung remote, no need to set it up manually. I did set it up manually once to see if that would help but no change. Also it forgot the device when I unplugged the HDMI cable. 

Any help? Anyone else having this issue?

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