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Sound not going from TV to speakers

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I recently purchased a Samsung TV 50 Inch QLED 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV Q60T Series QN50Q60TAFXZA 2020.  I have a panasonic SA-BTT196 home theatre system hooked up to it.  Recently the settings somehow changed and the sound stoped going from the TV through the speaker system.  When I turn the tv on and then turn the home theatre system on, the TV is smart enough to recognize the home theatre system is on and it changes the output sound from tv so no sound comes out of the tv.  But for some reason it no longer routes the sound through my speaker system.  Oppositely, if I play a dvd or blue ray on my home theater system, the sound works fine and the picture displays correctly.  When I first set up the tv everything worked fine for the first couple of months.  So I don't know if there was a recent update or I somehow changed one of the settings.  Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Hello, how is your sound system connected to your TV?  Based on a quick Google search of the model number, it appears that your sound system supports HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel).  Just be sure that you connect a HDMI cable (preferably a newer one that says it supports Ethernet) to the HDMI port on your TV that says ARC and then connect it to the appropriate HDMI port on your sound bar.  Once you do that, please go into your Settings and select Sound then select your Soundbar (hopefully it's listed).


Let us know how this goes.

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