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Soundbar Q80r poor HDR performance

Hi all,


I recently bought a Q80r soundbar.  I own a Sony x900e tv and have an Apple 4k TV (ATV) and an Xbox One X (X).  I have "enhanced format" enabled on hdmi 3 (arc) on the tv and have the ATV and the X plugged into hdmi 1 and 2 on the soundbar.  The soundbar is then connected to the tv through hdmi 3 (arc) on the tv (hdmi out on the soundbar).  I'm not using Dolby Vision (tv doesn't even support it) nor hdr10+.  Just plain-jain static metadata hdr10.  The X shows that the devices support 4k hdr.  The soundbar is advertised as supporting 4k hdr passthrough.  All hdmi cables are fast speed and have tested to work with 4k hdr directly with the device and tv and through an old receiver that I'm retiring.


But on both devices when enabling hdr, I get a signal, but the colors look noticably dim and de-saturated when passed through the soundbar.  Is there a way to solve this problem?  And what is causing it?


I've already updated the firmware on the soundbar using Samsung SmartThings on my phone and wifi.  I've also verified that my Sony tv has the most current firmware as well.