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[Support Needed] Q70 - Apple AirPods keep disconnecting

(Topic created on: 3/9/21 8:02 PM)
Qled and Frame

Hello all:

I have a Samsung Q70 TV. I synced my Apple AirPod Pros to them (Settings —> Sound —> Sound Output —> AirPods Pro) and it connect to the headphones without a problem.

However, usually after a few minutes, the connection will drop, and the TV will automatically switch back to the standard TV speaker output. Sometimes it’s just after a few seconds. The AirPods are fully charged. I use them all day every day on my iPhone 12, so I believe it’s not the headphones themselves that I am trying to troubleshoot. I have attempted to disable Bluetooth on my phone while the headphones are synced to the TV, but still no luck. 

I’ve also attempted to disconnect the headphones from the connections and then reconnect to no avail.

I did some searching and saw that other individuals using the Q70 as well as the Q80 were also experiencing similar issues...however I was unable to locate any kind of fix.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

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Qled and Frame

Same. Started in the last month. AirPod pro. Seems to be getting worse.. qled 65