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TV Frame 2021. Cannot add photos via Smarthings App on iOS

(Topic created: 06-23-2021 11:19 AM)
Qled and Frame

Just purchased The Frame TV 2021 55" Model QN55LS03AAF

Unable to add photos via the Smarthings App on iOS 14.6.  The link is always grayed out

I have established that The Frame TV and the iPhone are on the same Wifi Network.  I can control the TV from the Smarthings App but the link to Add photos is always grayed on the iOS smarthings App

Have reset the Smarthings Hub Already but that did not change anything

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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
Qled and Frame

Hello! I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. Being that you have already reset the smarthings app based on the issues you're experiencing I recommend reaching out to our remote management team at 1-800-Samsung.

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