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TV Upgrade Program is a Sham!

(Topic created on: 12/21/20 4:13 PM)
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I purchased a TV in 2018, and used the upgrade program.. In 2020, and following their guidelines, (https://www.samsung.com/us/tv-upgrade/), I want to upgrade my TV. I dont find any obvious Upgrade button anywhere after the term, so I contact Samsung. Rep says to go ahead and purchase a new TV, and after it gets delivered that I will receive an email about returning the current one.


Well no email.. I call, and no one even knows what they are talking about! I chat, and finally someone says that their "backend" team (lol) will look into it. I get an email that then claims I have to contact TD Bank, as my account is "not in good outstanding". Haha.. Does anyone speak english??! After waiting for hours and finally getting a hold of TD Bank (btw, a company that is super great with English, responses, and decisions), confirm that everything is not "outstanding" (lol). I even get a credit increase!! 


Samsung has now gone quiet, no response, and nothing from them about the TV upgrade. I now sit with 2 TVs, about to make payments for both TVs and still no word from Samsung! 


The TV Upgrade program is sham!!!! DO NOT DO IT! And never listen to their customer service... Its the worst one in the world!

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