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The Frame Motion Sensor

Hi, here is a quick fix if the motion sensor is not working on your frame tv. I have two 32" and 50" purchased about a year apart. Turn off the Night Mode (in Art settings) and this will allow the motion sensor to work. Worked for both my TVs - I did contact Samsung to resolve the issue on my newest Frame 50" ( couldn't remember the fix from a year ago on the 32") - they ran me thru a check, a reboot, and told me my software was not up-to-date...we updated and it said it was the most recent version. Long story short, it was a waste of time and disconnected call when the last resort was to perform a factory settings reboot. Hope this helps!


Re: The Frame Motion Sensor

Thanks for this hint. Unfortunately there is no mention of that condition either on screen or in the (rudimentary) e-Manual.