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The Frame: Uploaded photo with matte shows up as black box

I am uploading a custom photo with a matte via the app. It appears fine in the app, but when I send it to the TV (either via preview or via setting it) the photo appears as a black box. The matte is set correctly, but the photo itself will not appear. I have tried different resolutions and have uploaded different photos multiple times.


Note that the photo appears correctly if shadowbox is used.

I am incredibly disappointed that such fine hardware is bedeviled by such poor software. This is my first major samsung purchase, and it is a huge turn-off.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: The Frame: Uploaded photo with matte shows up as black box

Have you attempted uploading the picture then adding the Matte?


Navigate to the work of art you want to display, and then press Up on your OneRemote.

Select Matte.

Select the matte you like best using Left and Right on the directional pad.
After selecting the matte style, you can select the color using the directional pad on the remote.

Press Select on your remote to save the changes.

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