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UHD/HDR Content Basically Unwatchable

(Topic created: 06-10-2021 04:02 PM)
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I have seen this post in many different forums (including this one), but all with no real answer-- even though some are marked as resolved in this forum. The Accepted Solution in this forum had a link to an FAQ page that didn't address a dark issue at all and subsequently mentioned a call to tech support to solve the problem. This is a product line defect that could potentially be addressed via a firmware update-- considering SDR content from the same source (even the same movie) is viewable at watchable brightness levels.

My Model: QN43Q60TAFXZA
At the time of purchase, the tv was about $500. So, I understand this is not a high end, but content should still be viewable at the specs advertised.

I also own a 65" Q9F, which has a user controlled backlight and the same content comes through brilliantly there. 

This is something Samsung needs to address because its a bug in their firmware OR it's a needed advertising disclaimer. The TV is advertised as 4K UHD, but UHD content is unwatchable 50% of the time. The last firmware update was in early December 2020, v1460.9 and does NOT resolve the problem. Are their plans to upgrade this firmware or recall the tv due to the inability to properly view UHD/HDR content?



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Qled and Frame
You'd be better off filling out an error report to get a response directly from Samsung.