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USB wireless adapter disconnected

While setting up my QLED Q60 tv. I got this message. Wireless USB adapter has been disconnected from the USB port. What does that mean? I only have my Ethernet cable hooked up to tv. 


Re: USB wireless adapter disconnected

Little Lengthy but hope this helps. So I learned at the Manufacturer sometimes they have a staging area where they setup soundbar/blu ray/home theater that may or may not get packaged with the tv. For sales or promotions. Anyways, they are supposed to plug in and check that its all operational and then do a master reset of the tv. If they skipped the Reset then the tv, upon first device plugin, auto remembers the devices as a feature and saves that data and is searching for the device that is , obviously, not present. Doing a "factory"《~~ term used loosely "reset" should solve the problem. It's honestly the last thing you'd think ya gotta do with a new device but should wipe any save data from it to start clean and fresh. Hope that Helps