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Universal Remote between Samsung Q67R and Pioneer Receiver not working

Hi all,


I'm using Universal remote to try and control on/off (power cycle) a Pioneer Receiver but its not working even though the Universal Remote setup page successfully switches on/off the Receiver during a power cycle test. When I power cycle the TV the Receiver should also power cycle, but does nothing, does not respond at all.


My setup is as follows:


Samsung QE55Q67R

Pioneer VSX-323-K Receiver


The Pioneer Receiver is simply acting as an amplifier for two floor standing speakers (nothing else as of yet but potentially a PS4 in the future) which I want the TV to use for outputting audio from Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, TV etc. (as those speakers sound exceptionally good) and using HDMI ARC to the Receiver, it works flawlessly. Sound passes through to the receiver and ultimately to the speakers and volume control works as does mute - so we can clearly see the TV can control the function of the Receiver.


On the TV, Anynet+ CEC is enabled and according to Pioneers manual, enabling ARC on the receiver enables CEC on that end too - so all is configured as it should be BUT still the Receiver does not respond to power on/off requests from the remote.


I've noticed a bunch of other threads about this elsewhere and it seems really spotty and unreliable and I'm noting this issue for Samsung to get it fixed as from endless research an updated firmware broke this functionality.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Universal Remote between Samsung Q67R and Pioneer Receiver not working

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