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Upload photos from windows or OSX

(Topic created: 08-24-2021 12:58 PM)
Qled and Frame

I don't understand, you have this TV that is called The Frame, it has internal storage for photos and a wired an wireless interface yet there is no way to upload photos from Windows or OSX?

Am I missing something? Mart thing for windows only lets you turn off and on the TV, mighty handy. And Smart things for OSX doesn't even exists.

Is samsung so focust on selling art via the artstore that they really don't want to build an app to upload content via Windows? 

Did you guys ever sit down to evaluate the artist or gallery workflow to put content on your screens.

Please give us something to work on in Windows and OSX. 

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Community Manager
Qled and Frame

Thank you for the suggestions.  I will for sure be forwarding them accordingly.  .  

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