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VRR Xbox series X not working on TV Q90T is a FEATURE not a BUG claims Samsung VOC!

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Hello everyone, I would like to share with you my experience with Samsung TV Q90T and especially with their Czech official Go Digital service! s.r.o. and then with the company's control department for the whole Czech Republic - Samsung VOC Control Desk:

On November 12, 2020, I purchased a Samsung QLED Q90T Series TV from Electro World. According to the technical specifications of the product on the official website of Samusung as well as in the operating instructions, the TV fully supports VRR (= Variable Refresh Rate) and HDMI 2.1.

After connecting the Xbox Series X to the TV's HDMI port 4 and launching the VRR on the Xbox and Game Mode on the TV and launching some of the games that support this, stripes ran across the screen and the image was wavy.

The same TV + the same Xbox was bought by my brother and the TV with the same latest firmware does not make the same errors in his picture. We also tried to switch xboxes, TV, HDMI cables and still the same - there was still visible waves on my TV and not on my brother's TV.

I called on November 20 to the Electro World and complaint. I was told that in the case of such a large TV, I should directly contact the Samsung line. On 22.11. I did and arranged to visit a technician. 1.12. a technician arrived and found that the TV was really defective - according to the enclosed Service Sheet - "horizontal lines flash when you turn on the xbox series x and start the game and turn on the VRR mode". He tried to make a repair by replacing the motherboard on the TV. Unfortunately, the repair was not successful and they also damaged TV back side panel and I was informed that they would report the matter to headquarters and return the money for me on TV. On 3.12. I got an email stating that the complaint procedure had ended with the following statement from the chief technician: "When the variable refresh rate feature is turned on on the external device, waves may appear if this device sets a frequency higher than that supported by the display device. Note that this limitation is due not only to the panel's supported refresh rate, but also to the HDMI standard you use to connect an external device, which supports 60 Hz in HDMI 2.1 and only 30 Hz in the lower standard. higher than the above frequency of the HDMI standard used, bands may be displayed. This is not a malfunction but a characteristic of the product and the technologies used. " and with the information that if I do not agree, I can send a complaint to voc@samsungpartner.cz. I did this and pointed out, above all, that the reason for rejecting the complaint is false, completely misleading and, above all, contradicts the technical specifications of the given TV and the data in the manual for the given TV. Unfortunately, the Czech VOC Control Desk again rejected on the grounds that a non-functional VRR is a feature of the TV and not a defect!!! I was also advised not to use VRR. In that case, however, the technical specifications of the TV and the user manual are false, and I could buy the TV at a completely different price level. But I bought this TV just because of the presence of the function. Unfortunately, there was no sensible talk with anyone and they kept repeating this nonsensical statement, but they were not able to substantiate it with any evidence (eg that the manual / technical specifications stated that this television can do waves when the VRR is switched on).

Rude and arrogant reply from Samsung VOC - they marked a clear DEFECT as a FEATURE (!!!) and refused to solve the problem. It was only after I filed a complaint with my lawyer and send it to czech justice system that they contacted me again, saying that it was a mistake on their part, of course it was a defect, they just did not know how to fix it and so that they would return the money to me.

When I then asked for information on how the Samsung VOC Control Desk could confirm the original rejection of the complaint and sanctify the nonsense they wrote me, they again brazenly replied that it was a feature and not a defect and so everything was right when it didn't work on TV.

I decided to publish this mainly because I am certain not the only one with the same problem and the only one to whom the complaint was originally rejected. So I wanted to share my experience with others so that they know that the dispute can be won, it is only necessary to involve the lawyer and justice in the solution and possibly, as in my case, a lawyer. And it cost me a lots of money!

Shame on (Czech?) Samsung customer service!!!!!

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