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What a waste of time and money

(Topic created: 07-10-2021 06:38 AM)
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We just bought another Samsung Tizen so-called smart tv. Our intention was to dump cable and go to an OTA DVR. We have a q800t 82" and a QN85 55".

After purchasing them we bought a Tablo Quad network DVR.  All of what we read lead us to believe that Samsung worked with Tablo TV if it had a Tizen OS.

Come to find out after a solid day of troubleshooting that Samsung TVs newer than 2018 don't work with anything but the usual Amazon or Google products that cost almost as much as cable. Who buys a 3-year-old TV in today's world? We wanted to cut the big tech cord and Samsung tried to tie us up again.

Samsung should either fix this issue or place a sticker on the screen stating that their Smart TVs aren't.

We are returning both TVs to Best Buy and looking for another brand.

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Yeah, this is pretty frustrating - you buy the latest and greatest Samsung and it doesn't work with something as basic as the Tablo device. Really? Who does that? So I am supposed to get the Amazon Firestick to make it work - that defeats the purpose of spending $2K on a TV that, like you said, isn't so smart after all. Ugh.

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Samsung has lost me as a future customer because they are so slow to update their Universal Remote which can no longer turn on an Apple TV via CEC at power on nor support the updated controls of the new Apple TV (i.e. press and hold the select button”).  Also it is terrible for controlling the Xbox One S for streaming apps.  This should just work and get updated!  

I purchased Samsung because I really like the Universal Remote, Tizen interface, the Apple TV app was launching first on Tizen, and it had the Tablo app. I switched to Apple TV in order to use the updated Tablo app with support for commercial skip- plus I prefer the Apple TV interface over Roku, FireTv, and Android TV. Only to find out the universal remote cannot turn it on!!  Clearly I can use the Apple remote which will turn in the TV, but I prefer the ergonomics of the Samsung Universal Remote!

I blame Nuvyyo for dropping support for their Tablo App for Samsung Tizen and LG WebOS.  I have two Samsung TVs and purchased Tablo because it worked across the most platforms including Tizen and it recorded in full HD.  Their app has not been updated by Nuvyyo for a long time and does not support their newer commercial skip “premium” feature. Nuvyyo support recently posted (Aug 2021) they no longer support these two smart TV platforms because “difficult to develop and deploy app updates for these platforms.”  https://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042377292-What-Smart-TV-models-or-brands-have-a-Tab...

In my opinion this was a misrepresentation of the Tablo capabilities and business decision by Nuvyyo to no longer support these platforms.  I can appreciate the difficulties to  build apps for all these platforms but that is exactly what they marketed  Tablo to do.  On the other hand the vast majority of services have Tizen apps including Netflix, Apple, Hulu, Sling, Paramount+, Discovery+, Disney+, ….  So it can be done, it’s just too difficult for Nuvyyo.  

I am looking for alternative OTA DVR compatible with a wide range of platforms (including my shamed Samsung TVs) that also has commercial skip.  I will try Plex with OTA tuner card to replace Nuvyyo Tablo.