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Why Can’t The Q90T Pass Through Atmos Audio Properly?

The Q90T is supposed to be able to pass through audio unaltered by the TV, from HDMI connected devices, if eARC is enabled.  It works fine in most cases, but if you try to play an Atmos encoded 4K Blu-ray Disc, the TV switches itself from Pass Through to Auto.  Pass Through is grayed out.  The TV is processing the Atmos signal.  I don't want it to.  It causes audio drop outs. If the soundbar processes it, there's no drop outs.   Why can't Pass Through work with Atmos discs?  Why is this only a problem with Atmos discs?  Will Samsung fix the pass through to work with Atmos?  Or will they fix the Atmos decoding abilities of their TVs so it's not necessary?  Or will they do nothing at all about it?


Re: Why Can’t The Q90T Pass Through Atmos Audio Properly?

I think it's a TV software problem.

I have the same probleme with "Lip sync" completly not sync with Atmos encoded 4K Blu-ray Disc and this configuration: Sony X700 <--> 65Q95T <--> HW-Q800T (firmware 1006.0) with eARC connexion.

To solve the probleme (after a lot of time), I have to change the connexion to: Sony X700 <--> HWQ800T <--> 65Q95T with eARC connexion ==> Ok (but no Q-Symphony)

I hope Samsung will solve the probleme in a next Firmware update ... the first configuration must work and also with Q-Symphony like they promise.