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XBox One X Audio Lag in Bitstream

(Topic created on: 11/29/20 8:32 AM)
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Issue: When Xbox One X is set to Bitstream out (regardless of DTS, Dolby Digital, Atmos, etc.) and TV is set to “Auto” audio output and/or XBox VRR is on, there is significant lag in the audio in game and streaming content. 

Configuration: I have my Xbox One connected to HDMI port 4 (HDMI 2.1 port) on my 2020 Samsung Q80T (75”) via Monster HDMI 2.1 cable. I then have a Samsung HW-Q950T connected to HDMI Port 3 (eARC) with a full High Speed HDMI Cable (18 GBPS). All firmware is updated. 

Additional Datapoints:

*I can eliminate the lag if I set the TV to pass through and turn off VRR on the console (needs to be both otherwise there is still lag)

*Uncompressed stereo is perfect

*Nintendo Switch works perfectly



Completed Troubleshooting:

*Swapped all cables out multiple times

*Tried replacing Soundbar with 2x different JBL 9.1s

*Completely restarted TV, Xbox, and Soundbar

 *Switched Xbox back and forth to Stereo and Surround sound

 *Tried turning off eARC

* Swapped Xbox HDMI ports

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Qled and Frame

Having the exact same issue here... Samsung Q80T (tv) + Q850T (soundbar). It's driving me nuts :'(