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eARC and now Google Assistant - Samsung has failed us 2019 tv owners

I've had it with this company, their lack of support for practically a brand new product is ridiculous. I have news for you Samsung TVs aren't smartphones and folks don't buy a new one every year.


1st...eARC update...our 2019 very expensive QLED TVs were promised this feature but guess what it's darn near 2021 and here we are with nothing but audio lag between our TVs and samsung's very own soundbars.


2nd...Google Assistant..they just announced that google assistant was coming natively to the new 2020 QLEDs, so that when you press the mic button on the remote you can access google assistant instead of love for the 2019s when they are practically the same so it should be supported as well specially since bixby will be going away soon anyway so then what...


To sum it all up...I am beyond disappointed in samsung's product support you would expect a product that is less than 1year old would get support for new features specially some that affect the basic functionality like synced video and sound. As much as I dislike the Apple company one thing they get right is product support you guys should learn a thing or two, you'll understand why their consumers are so loyal...


Re: eARC and now Google Assistant - Samsung has failed us 2019 tv owners