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slow tv speeds Q950TS QLED 8K UHD on my very fast network

(Topic created on: 1/27/21 3:46 AM)
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85" Class Q950TS QLED 8K UHD HDR Smart TV (2020)

 is pulling very slow speeds on my very fast network. I have a fiber-based  1 Gigabit network. All other devices,  are pulling 500+Mbps. When I run the same  test on my tv connected with wired network, it only pulls 56Mbps at best. 


Why would this TV pull such slow speeds (and causes streaming apps to buffer a lot!) while very other device  pull such higher speeds?

I contacted the local samsung agent, and he cannot offer a solution

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Same problem here. I just got a 75" Q90T in late January and it's having the same issue. I have a 400Mb+ cable pipe via Spectrum and the TV pulls around 90Mb on average with a wired connection directly to my cable modem via Cat7 or Cat8 cable. (I took the router out of the way, just in case that was an issue) I had a tech from Spectrum come out last week to test the speed from the station and he was clocking 450Mb+. The odd thing is WiFi is actually faster on the TV. I can get around 200Mb average, but I connect an ethernet cable and it drops to less than half of that. To state the obvious, a cabled connection should provide even faster speeds than WiFi, not over 50% slower. Latest TV firmware is installed as well. It would seem that Samsung used either an inferior onboard NIC or there needs to be a firmware fix for it. I placed a call with Samsung, but didn't get any answers. $3k for a TV and the NIC speed is slow as pond water. I also asked to escalate the call, so perhaps someone in-the-know can run internal diagnostics to determine the issue. Other than that, the TV is awesome.