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[(sorta) SOLVED] Broken Slideshow feature on 65" Frame TV

(Topic created: 03-28-2021 03:14 PM)
Qled and Frame

Hey All,

I purchased a 65" Samsung Frame TV last summer (2020) specifically to display travel photography from trips that my wife and I had taken since we likely wouldn't be traveling for a while due to COVID.

I installed the TV in our bedroom and began exploring the custom Slideshow functionality and was immediately disappointed (like MANY other posters to this forum) to learn that the following 3 VERY SIMPLE features were not included in the Slideshow set up:

1. Randomized display of uploaded images

2. Custom (vs. limited preset) time intervals between slides

3. Option to set default Matte options for uploaded images (instead of having to set the Matte settings on each image one at a time)

None of these features is particularly difficult or complex to implement even with limited coding experience (as I have), so you'd think it would be no trouble for the professional team at Samsung. Alas, no.

Anyway, late last year a firmware update became available and even though the release notes for the update made no mention of any of the basic feature requests noted above, I went ahead an applied it (as so many of us did) and was SUPREMELY IRRITATED to discover that even the limited Slideshow features that were previously working no longer worked:

1. Slideshow slides did not advance (making it not a slideshow at all anymore)

2. Motion sensor no longer triggered the slideshow

3. Auto timeout stopped working

4. Night mode ceased to function as well

I tried ALL of the following to get back AT LEAST the limited functionality that I previously had:

1. Applied 2 further firmware updates

2. Favorited all of my uploaded photos

3. Toggled all settings off and on

4. Rebooted the TV

5. Ultimately I fully reset TV which erased all of my uploaded images and their matte settings

NOTHING WORKED... until...

1. I connected the TV to my home Wi-Fi (something I neither needed nor wanted to do)

2. Created a Samsung account (again, neither needed nor wanted)

3. Registered my TV with Samsung (not my preference to be sure)

Once I did all of that, their sh*tty Slideshow feature returned in all its nearly useless glory.

Further, I was able to disconnect from Wi-Fi and it all continues to work (so far)... we'll see.

I hope this helps others on this forum and I would like to find a way for all of us to band together in some way (on-line petition, class action lawsuit, ha!) to get Samsung's attention to get those 3 simple features added to the Slideshow, especially since we were all willing to pay a premium for these promoted features that simply do not work as advertised.

And if Samsung REALLY loved us, they'd let us run a Slideshow from a USB thumb drive so we could get around the ludicrously underspec'd 500Mb of storage in The Frame (doesn't Samsung manufacture their own friggin' solid state storage, sheesh!).


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Qled and Frame

I;m having the same issues with my frame tv that i bought last July. I purchased the tv because of its art functionality, but to say I am disappointed with its actual operation is a gross understatement.  My slideshow stopped working around november last year.  I'll try your recommendations above, but I think I already have everything registered.  

you may want to try https://www.curveexpert.net/products/matmaker/ or this http://regex.info/blog/photo-tech/mat-builder  for making your own mats, although I agree that is is unacceptable that Samsung wont take the time to do this themselves.