Bixby update issues


Bixby update issues

Hello all,


I am experiencing the same issue as described in this post. 

However, what resolved the issue in that case didn't work for me.


To expend on the issue I am experiencing (with a little borrowed text from the above post):


* I open my camera
* I press the little Bixby Vision eye on the bottom left of my camera display.
* I get the message box:
Update Bixby Vision?
You must update Bixby Visio to continue.
* I get the option to choose 'Cancel' or 'Update'.
* I select "Update"
* The message box disappears and is replaced by a message saying 'Updating' with a colorful 'thinking wheel' that keeps spinning. 
* After a few moments the message disappears and a white page appears to open for a split second but then it disappears and the same message box "Update Bixby Vision?" appears again.

* It iterates through these steps .... perpetually ... never updating ... never working.


I have tried everything described in the post above:


*Soft reboot

*Force stop 

*Clear Cache and Data


I even tried to update my Android version (which is what resolved the issue in the other post) but I already have android 8.0 installed and there are no updates available. 


When I try to update the software manually it says that I have the latest version of Bixby installed. 


Any assistance would be appreciated. 


Thank you.