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Music blackout

(Topic created: 09-21-2023 04:10 AM)
When I play music on my phone, eventually the phone screen will go black and when I need to pause the music I have to hit my power button to get screen to light up before I can pause it and sometimes I even have to unlock phone before I can pause it. Is there a way to keep music on screen so all I have to do is pause it cause it's already visible? When I have to answer phone at work going through steps to be able to pause music so I can answer phone is a problem. Thank you. 

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Hi! You can try extending your screen timeout. When you extend your screen timeout, the display changes how long until it turns off. I've listed some photos for you on where to find it. Or, Use the Always On Display! It will show you what music is playing, but I don't think it features the controls.

The Always On Display (AOD) is a feature that allows you to see certain information on your phone's screen even when it's turned off. You can enable the AOD to show music information.

To enable the AOD:

Open the Settings app. Tap on Lock screen! Tap on Always On Display. Toggle on the switch next to Always On Display. Tap on Show music information. Toggle on the switch next to Show music information.

Hopefully this helps you out!Screenshot_20230921_082351_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20230921_082358_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20230921_082403_Settings.jpg
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