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Snapchat integration

(Topic created: 11-06-2022 11:44 AM)
Ok so I like the update and everything is good the whole android 13 is working the color pallets are really good and the camera app got some improvements like they tweaked the image quality and also how the lockscreen is more dynamic and fun to play with 
And all that suff is good but there's one problem u see last year they had the s22 and I have an s21 phone and I watched the event and it was good but there was one feature that really stood put the snapchat integration and how u can use the telephone lens and ultra wide and use night mode and stuff and when I saw it in real life(bc My friend has the s22) it was good and I really hoped that it would come to the s21 and so I waited and we got the first camera update but it was Meh bc they did improve the night mode but I wanted the snapchat integration and then what happened in September is that articles leaked that samsung snapchat integration is coming "soon" and I was excited and like it's been two months and when is the snapchat integration gonna come out like it's not that hard when are u gonna do it samsung WHEN
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