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Weather widget's layout is now changed, and looks terrible on Fold

(Topic created on: 1/20/21 4:13 AM)

My Fold has just updated to Android 11 and OneUI3.0.


I have the Samsung Weather widget on the top of the homescreen, and it used to be streched for the width of the widget, but now it keeps centered which looks very bad.


Here is a screenshot of my opened Fold:Screenshot_20210120-161002_One UI Home.jpg


Here is another screenshot of the same screen rotated to landscape:

Screenshot_20210120-161031_One UI Home.jpg



Before OneUI3, the portrait mode was the same as landscape for this widget and I hope we are on the same path that it IS the way it should look like.


This is the "3x3" Weather Forcast Widget by Samsung.

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