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11/27/21 Update

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Update 11/27/21 messed the basic functionality of major features for my phone! Help! I want it gone! My messaging app is **bleep** up beyond repair now. Can't even add an emoji because some dumbass thought we all wanted to make our own emoji's that morph from one emoji into another. I DO NOT! My tenor gif portion on my keyboard is gone now and replaced with stupid cartoonish ones from samsung that I do not want.  My toolbar with date and time is gone now, just a white bar. Everything is a mess. Every time I have to spend DAYS on end searching the internet for fixes around these ridiculous "updates" with random **bleep** thrown in I do not want and which ruin the functionality of my phone, it makes the next purchase of an iPhone instead painfully clear. I'm tired of this and I simply do not have the time to undo this stupidity any longer. You need to separate security updates and allow people to not install someone else's idea of something better. I hate it & now I start another search for how to undo or find another messaging app altogether and uninstall the one on Samsung 21 because it doesn't work for me any longer other than straight text messaging. This is not what someone expects when they pay over a thousand dollars for a phone!! I am livid!!

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Samsung Apps and Services
Some people like these new features, Samsung can't cater to everyones needs. If you don't want to use it, then don't. Also, if it's an inconvenience to you, do exactly as you said, get a different messaging app/keyboard or use the keyboard settings to make changes.
Samsung Apps and Services
Kika keyboard been good for me