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A customer's vision for 2021 (One ui 3.0, customization, Large phones)

I just want u guys to make one ui 3.0 very much close to stock Android. I changed from one ui to aosp rom because it is way more cleaner. Plus the icon packs are trash in one ui. OnePlus does a better job seriously. Please make icons circular cos they look gud. Please fix the app drawer cos i hate it and please cut the bloatware. The reason why im so desperate to send u this msg is cos i love Samsung and i know u guys can do a better job. Adding features to the software doesn''t always give a better experience. What gives a better experience is by limiting the bloatware, giving more ui customization space( eg: custom icon packs, shapes) and making it minimal as possible. And no one uses samsung themes for gods sake. All it has is some themes that look bad just like their creators and uses alot of juice from the battery. Remove it in one ui 3 plsss. And i love the s20 ultra and i can definitely afford it. But what y''all have to think about is that rich dudes with smaller fingers, and palms do exist too. They''d prefer a smaller ultra device that could easily fit in their pockets.. im planning to buy whatever flagship that comes out next year, but just the amd gpu and all arm cpu wont make me satisfied. If you guys do a really great job on the software side , its greatly appreciated. Also buff up the computational photography engine, not the specs. Cos specs arent all that matters. Please give up on the idea of that 600mp sensor and even the 150mp sensor that u guys are planning to make. Numbers might be attractive on paper but they don''t always do the job. Always appreciate customer''s pov as well. Lots of love!! And stay safe