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(Topic created: 11-12-2021 07:45 PM)
Samsung Apps and Services
No longer able to use remote apps on Galaxy S21 5G. The OS is removing the permissions of any remote app if the app is not used. There is a switch that you can turn on and choose which apps WILL NOT be placed into deep sleep if they are not used, and supposedly those apps WILL NOT have the permissions removed when they are not used, but the option "Do not remove permissions if the app is not used" is completely USELESS because the Android os WILL remove the permissions anyway. I have a business that is relaying on the use of remote access applications and now I'm required to manually open the apps on each remoted phone every two days the permissions of the apps are removed even if I chosed "Do not remove permissions if the app is not in use" ... Urgent fix on this issue is required. 
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