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AR Emoji Need Bodytype Updates Please

(Topic created: 11-13-2021 02:37 AM)
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Please Samsung since Samsung Galaxy s8 I been seeing people asking for bodytype Emoji. You know I would it thing by now Samsung would it have an update for it.  The whole point of an AR Emoji is to make it look like you not only on the face but the body. 

Not everyone is skinny;

We have skinny people
We have fit people who workout
We have curvy/thick women 
We have fat people

I think is time to have a game changing on rhe AR Emoji Samsung. You gave us the option to change the whole head, face, ears, mouth, nose, lips and even the hair.

How about the bodytype pleaae people been asking for it. I know with an update it could be done. Maybe I am wrong but please have it.
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