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Account breached/hacked

This is my first time logging into Members. For the past 2 months my accounts have changed numerously due to what seems like an obsessive hacker. I've changed devices as well, the one I'm currently using I've had for just 2 days, and was hacked into before I even left the AT&T store, even with brand new EVERYTHING and no backup added..I own Galaxy s10+, which I adored until the hacking started. I've found out that my device is being controlled by a remote device. My carrier does not know and doesn't seem to want to get involved,returning with an ITs a Samsung problem not ours. . Idk who what when where or why someone would do this for so long, it's been months and at times it terrifying and its consuming my life.

Now, in this here app,There are a whole bunch of "badges" saying that I've held conversations that I haven't, replied to posts n messages and different other things. How come I can't see what's been posted under my account ? What should I do and how can someone help me in my situation? How can Samsung help me resolve this major issue?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Account breached/hacked

Hello, we are aware of the Samsung Members application giving users badges they have not yet earned, the development team is working on it. I have checked your account from a moderator's point and you do not have any previous posts made in the Community. 

Might I ask why you believe your phone is being controlled/hacked by someone?

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