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Activity Tracking Calender

(Topic created: 07-25-2021 09:27 PM)
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Suggesting an upgrade here. I love the heart shaped activity tracker on my Galaxy Watch Active. Way cuter than the competition.  What makes sad is that the activity calender in the samsung health app doest look the same. It doesnt show if I've completed my 3 areas of activity or show the multicolor heart at all. You just get green blobs. The more you do the bigger the blob gets. I would like to be able to show a calender of all 3 areas completed each day that I do them. It feels like the heart shaped tracker was really trying to compete with the competition and is superior in my opinion and then they didn't follow through with pairing the calender in the app to look and work the same. Since I use mine primarily for fitness and I tend to be a perfectionist I would love to be able to share with my fit friends when I complete an entire month of hitting all my daily goals the same way my Apple friends can show how they closed all their rings for an entire month. ❤
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