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App Split Screen UI Issues

(Topic created: 07-29-2022 07:53 AM)
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Hey Samsung,

Can you please refine your calendar app, and presumably others needed as well, so that they are more easily visible and usable in a split screen formation? While trying to add my schedule into my calendar while having my work app open on either half of the screen, I was unable to easily adjust the start and end time. The start and end time scroll wheels were taking up the upper half of that half of the screen. So if I try and press Cancel or the Back button to get back to adjust the other time, it wants to cancel the entire entry of the event. If I tap Save then it saves whatever time is selected by default. Then I have to go back into the event to edit the other number and then the opposite number could adjust as well. 😮💨

Please fix this soon.


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File an error report so they'll actually see and document your request.