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App issues with Samsung TV

(Topic created on: 4/16/21 9:22 PM)
Samsung Apps and Services

Unable to download discovery plus app. Also always had issues with chromecast with my Samsung s10 and Samsung TV. My TV is 4 years old.  In February 2020 just before warranty expired the motherboard, wifi module and LEDs were replaced.  I always have issues with chromecast from my phone since new. VERY cumbersome to mirror phone to TV. My wife I phone connects more easily than my S10. But still cumbersome.  I cannot watch discovery plus on TV. I cannot stream or mirror phone to TV. I've read many articles about this issue. I rebooted TV. I disconnected power. I reset hub. I factory reset.  I uninstalled chromecast from my phone and reinstalled. I made sure software is updated on TV. I cannot download chromecast app on TV. It seems built in. I cannot seem to find model number without removing TV from wall. Beyond frustrated is where I'm at. I hope someone on this site can help.  Losing faith in Samsung.  It shouldn't be hard to do simple app downloads and certainly a Samsung phone and TV should be compatible. Like I said wife's I phone sees and connects to TV easier than my s10. But most often won't play video or screen mirror either. 

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