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Apples App Tracking Transparency function

(Topic created: 01-09-2021 10:58 AM)
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I am 76 years old and have been a lifelong Samsung phone user. Tried an iPhone once and did not like it. But - when Apple releases the new App Tracking Transparency function in their IOS 14 platform I will likely purchase an iPhone 12 instead of the Samsung S21 that I have been waiting for.  I hope Samsung takes notice and sees what a benefit this is for users. I and most likely everyone else are sick and tired of the data tracking and collections and the irritating messages that thank me for shopping at a store I walked by. Please consider releasing a similar function.   I really don't want to join the  iPhone  club!

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I agree. If Samsung doesn't follow suit quick, the move to an iPhone is now worth cost. I and my activities are not something to be sold.


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