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Appliance Delivery Date Changed Day

(Topic created: 06-01-2022 07:33 PM)
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I ordered a Bespoke Bundle on May 23, 2022.  Frig, Range with Trim Kit and Microwave in White Glass.  
For 2 weeks I was told delivery would be June 3, 2022.  It is June 1, 2022 and I have spent hours on the phone with Samsung and assured delivery of June 3, 2022.  I was sent a text today 6/1/22 with a summary of the items to be delivered. GREAT.  I then took a vacation day to be here for the delivery.  At 7:30PM I receive an email from Samsung that my delivery date will now be June 20-July 7, 2022.  Why has this happened?  No one at Samsung knows what is going on.  I’ve spent hours with Samsung agents and get nothing but this is not my department.  I’ve used their chat and after 30 minutes of chatting told they don’t handle appliance orders.  I’ve waited for hours to talk to Samsung e-commerce only to be disconnected or told to leave my number and they will call back - never received a call back.  How can a company that is a World Leader in their industry be so inept? I want to be treated with honesty and some dignity as a customer.  

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