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There's a huge problem with these 2 apps in their permissions. In Contacts, they request permission for contacts. It's understandable except that in this allowance it will delete data from your actual contacts. Your people contacts. It took my best friends home phone#off my list! Right out of the contact input I had put down for her! It says it right in it's own permissions it can and will do this! And we are supposed to say,"ok,that's alright"? In the Email app permissions, it says the same thing for contacts, as well as the phone, only it will make phone calls to people and say it's us, but it's not! Or will make calls to other places, even from our calendar! And that's another permission Email wants to muck with too! Change dates, make calls to our dates and parties without our knowledge? And it's supposed to be ok? I've lost very important data. I've missed important appointments! I've been thinking it's been me! I've been thinking I've been losing my mind! Is Samsung out of their minds? Are they trying to make us out as fools? Why would they do that to us? Make apps available to us which would cause harm to us, their customers? Hmm?