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Apps are unavailable on Samsung Smart TVs

(Topic created on: 3/6/21 5:58 PM)
Samsung Apps and Services

Well this community seems a little bit of ridiculous. Samsung clearly doesn't want to answer any of the questions clearly we're all having the same problem new expensive Smart television sets do not have the ability to install an app when it's not part of their choices. The workaround is to install an external device that will allow you to install apps one of the best ones I found has been the Amazon Fire stick. Which leads me to my next conclusion why should I buy another Samsung Smart TV if the fire stick will do everything for it and more. Just save my money and buy a regular TV and install the firestick which will allow me to put any app I want onto the TV. Screw You Samsung!

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Samsung Apps and Services
You never mentioned the app (s) you want to install
Samsung Apps and Services
Smart TV's (and blu-ray players, etc), despite having the ability to stream and have apps, were never quite really meant to function that way and as such don't perform as well as dedicated media players. The next time you purchase a TV look for the same model but not the smart version and you can save lots of money. For streaming and apps the nvidia shield is the best on the market right now.