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AutoFill Water Pitcher

(Topic created: 07-28-2021 11:28 AM)
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I as many who own a Samsung Refrigerator with an Autofill Water Pitcher we have a problems with it dripping and leaking from the time we started using it. I was told the pitcher on some units was defective. Now we have not used the pitcher much but we are now and the dripping is annoying. I chated with a Pro who was not helpful I understand they have a script to follow and he simply said it is out of warranty here is the information to purchase a replacement. I said if the part is defective why should I pay for it, (crickets). Let me talk to your manager, reply you can chat with my supervisor. I asked I would like to speak with a manager. The reply was call customer service. I replyed with this is not quality customer service. Now I have a number of Samsug products besides the refigerator. A dishwasher, 3 flatscreens, 2 G10e cells, a smart watch and a camcorder (yep old school).  When it is time for a new washer & dryer and G5 upgrade it will not be a Samsung. 

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