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BMI - Psychologicaly Harmful & Inacurate Measure of Weight Health

Samsung Health App has an excellent opportunit to estabish an accurate measure of weight health and abandon the BMI standard.  I am a very fit 6' 2" 217lb 53 yo male and the BMI index lists me as overweight.  I have abs that show which indicates I have between 12% and 15% body fat.  I get so upset when I see "overweight."  I also have a 32" - 34" waist.


BMI is very psychlogically damaging to healthy people who are likely to use the Health App.  Samsung has an opportuity to abandon BMI and establish a new more accurate measure of body fat, muscle, and bone composition.


For a good idea of reasons to abandon the BMI index, please review a 2009 article, the flaws of BMI are not new!


 - Dale