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Bixby vision.

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I know alot of people don't like bixby but I wanted to ask if anyone knows how to change the language setting in bixby vision I've tried and checked all language settings that could have possibly changed the language but found nothing. I don't know what language it is but I'm trying to get it back to English if somebody could help me on this it would be greatly appreciated thanks😊 
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@kennymedina Try this:

  1. Open Bixby vision
  2. Ensure that translate is enabled at the bottom
  3. Show the camera the text that you want to translate
  4. On the toolbar that pops up, click on Translate.
  5. You should see this screen Screenshot_20220407-164024_Bixby Vision.jpg


  6. In this screen if you click on English on the right, you will see a drop down of languages to choose from. 
  7. If you click on Auto on the left, you can turn off Auto and select a language.