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Bixby voice is very sensitive

(Topic created: 03-15-2023 02:07 AM)
Cosmic Ray
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So the Bixby voice is very sensitive and acitivates even if It is set to low. It will activate while music or a video is playing and even if a woman is talking and I'm a dude with a deep voice. Also it's not user friendly with Samsung apps and it should have more features especially with apps that are Samsung related. Ex. The 1st generation Bixby I would tell it to open my Samsung music app and play a Playlist and it would do it...now it just opens Samsung music won't do anything else or mistaken thinking I said open Spotify which neither sound alike. To me it's either Samsung focus on Making Bixby as intuitive as siri or the other voices that can so much more or get rid of it. It can do some impressive advanced stuff but not the basics or distinguish my voice from a artist singing or a movie playing is kinda stupid hopefully this gets to your tech department or whomever is charge of Bixby and get it fixed


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Micheal Adkins
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My Bixby Doesn't Do Anything & It Never Understands What I'm Telling It... I'll Tell It Something & It'll Either Do Nothing Or Say Something That Has Zero 2 Do With What I Said... Bixby Was Great On My S8 Active & My S20+... But Now I Have The S23 Ultra & It Seems Like It Cant Do Anything... Let's Hope They Get This Fixed Bc Its Truly A Great Feature...