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BluRay Players & Disney+ Screen Mirroring/Miracast

     I was disappointed, breifly, when I found that my Blu Ray player (BD-JM63) couldn’t get the Disney+ app or access the Disney+ website from the built in web browser. My TV is older so it is not “smart” and doesn’t connect to the internet. And there are no, as of now, software updates that make smart Blu Ray players compatible. However, to my delight, I discovered that I could connect my Windows 10 laptop through the mirror link on my player. If you have an Andriod device the process is similar.

     To connect your Windows device:

1) Make sure your TV, player and PC/laptop are all turned on.

2) Go into Settings in Windows. Then click on “Devices”.

3) You May need to turn on Bluetooth and/or be connected to the internet; WiFi or LAN. Bluetooth may not be necessary; please comment if it is or is not.

4) Click the + box next to “Add Bluetooth or other device”.

5) Click “Wireless display or dock”

6) From the home menu of your player select “Screen Mirroring”.

7) Your Windows device & player should connect automatically.

8) Navigate Disney+ (or other) from your Windows device.

9) Thank Samsung for Mirroring capability Smiley Happy


Note: iPhones (unless jailbroken) cannot mirror with a Samsung blu ray player natively. However, connecting through AppleTV maybe possible.