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Bookmarked messages

(Topic created: 05-01-2021 05:31 PM)
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Okay I have a Samsung Galaxy s8 active and it just updated recently. & now I'm seeing bookmarked messages in the text messages where do I find them, how do I shut it off, or is it on their end? Because I have searched this phone through everything & I can't find "bookmarked messages" Or even the ones that have said "bookmarked here for unread messages" Like I don't understand how it's doing this or where do I even find these messages. I think it's more or my people's side because like I said I can't find it anywhere in my phone. Bc when I look it's still in the same message not hidden or anything, but if there is some tricks I need to know about text messages like hiding them when someone tries to get into my phone I would like some things hidden... Would like help on that as well. Please & thank u! 
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