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Burned calories, Keto Mojo and Carb menager

Hello Guys, hope you are safe and well.

My BMR is 1450 

so basically if I do nothing, Just breathing -> this is what every day I should burn

Somehow Samsung frontier s3 showing me sometimes that I burned 1200 kcal only.

I do not think Is okay.  For example in these days, Fitbit showing 1800 kcal burned. 600 kcal make big difference in this case.

How is possible to burn less than BMR?


 Another thing is that maybe you could Improve the food section in your app.

Keto people could resign from ( paid)  the Carb Manager app or cronometer app (which are compatible with Garmin and fitbit )

 and use only Samsung health instead? Or..... work with them and make integration simple?

I Have a Samsung phone, headphones and a watch ..and really like the company

but lack of integration is a pain in the a**. 

Garmin and Fitbit are everywhere and Samsung staying well behind.

I tried to connect Carb manager with Samsung health by Google fit but food does not sync and the activity is not accurate as well. Would be great if you could make our life simple and work on a simple direct connection.

Same with Omron app or Keto Mojo.

Best regards




Re: Burned calories, Keto Mojo and Carb menager


I've been seeing the same BMR issue as you Smiley Sad

The app only calculates your BMR from very basic values its not as accurate as a smart scale for example. They should add an option for us to set our own BMR or import it from the scales we link to the application!

Sincerely, Ane Hulton, avid user and aspiring software engineerSmiley Happy