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Businesses catagory disappeared in messages app

So I recently upgraded to the Note 20 Ultra 5g from the S10+. I just noticed that in my messaging app there is not longer a "businesses" category there anymore that used to automatically catagorise any sms that where from short numbers (I. E. : 2 step verification or appointment reminders) into that business category. I no longer see it and now my Samsung messages app seems littered with all these text threads from short numbers. Before it was all people with actual 10 digit phone numbers in the main category and then the automated texts in the other, it was very crisp and organized. Anybody else going through this or can confirm that their phone catagorises their text messages like this automatically? I know I can create a new category but I don't see any way to make a rule to where the texts from short number automated texts are sent to said category. Thanks in advance!


P. S. I bought both phones brand new so no one could have set this up prior to me using the phone.