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Button feature request for Samsung keyboard

(Topic created: 03-01-2022 09:36 AM)
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I have a feature request for the Samsung keyboard: a context button.

I've been using Swype + Dragon for about 10 years now, and of course Nuance has long abandoned it. The dictation server was taken down last year, and the theme store is broken. The only thing that really keeps me tethered to it besides having gotten used to its nuances is the Swype button - press it and it highlights a word, swipe from it to shift and it gives capitalization options, from the button to 'a' to highlight everything in a text box, x to cut, v to paste, etc. 

I like the Samsung keyboard other than this one thing, which would make me an instant convert, especially after having discovered Keys Café. Samsung has been good about addressing the weaknesses in competing products, like the fact that big G's clock couldn't set an alarm for a specific date, or that their calendar couldn't use an alarm for a schedule notification. I understand this is probably an N=>1 use case, but if it's enough to keep me using a keyboard five years undead, I'd imagine others might find utility in a context button too. 

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Community Manager
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Thank you for your interest in sharing your idea with Samsung. We appreciate your feedback and will tag it on the forum so that it will appear with other feedback, ideas, and requests. This will allow your post to be more easily found in the event that Samsung product groups are seeking outside feedback/requests/ideas regarding our products.