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Calendar repeating events broken on Galaxy S5

(Topic created: 07-01-2021 02:43 PM)
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I have I have a Galaxy S5 running Android 6.0.1.  Samsung introduced this model in 2014. Thanks to the consumer replaceable battery of this phone, needless to say I've been through several, it, like my 50s transistor radios, may work as long as I am here.

In Calendar, an app that came pre-installed with the phone, I had an repeating event set up for the first Wednesday of each month.  It worked fine for years.  Today I discovered it was now setting up the event for specific day numbers of the month, not the day of the week. 

I also have several other repeating events in the calendar. For some reason I noticed this particular one being broken. It may be that a repeated series breaks when you edit it. I also have my calendar on a Tab 4 Tablet.  The repeating series is still displaying properly on the Tab 4. I now dare not edit any of my other series for fear of breaking them too. Without this feature, the app is useless for me. I add to and edit my repeated events frequently.

I tried to set up a new repeating first Wednesday function but could not find any options to create one.

I have never located a version number for this program. I don't even know for sure that the program is named "Samsung calendar." This program might predate that app.

I discovered other posts about the same problem. Some posts said that an update had changed the program. Samsung hasn't updated this phone in years. The phone hasn't notified me of any updates. This program does not appear on the update list of apps in Google Play Store. How could Samsung break this program on this phone?

Some posts have said to click a "don't repeat button." My program doesn't have such a button.

Other posts have said to uninstall the update. How do you do that on this phone?

Other posts have suggested installing an earlier version of the program. How do you do that on this phone too? Can you install another version of Samsung calendar that will co-exist with the pre-installed one?

How can I get this function back?


I actually like this program and don't really want to change.  I have tried the current Samsung calendar version on my Tab A tablets.   Without the integrated task functions, the new version **bleep**.

If someone at Samsung thinks they can force us die hard S5 users to buy a new phone by breaking the Calendar app, they have another thought coming. If I buy another phone, it won't be Samsung.



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I I tried to post this in the original post. However the system would not let me. It said "sorry unable to complete the action you requested." I didn't know what else to do but to start another post. Maybe a moderator can move this to the original post, where it belongs.

This story baffles me. Why would and how could Samsung update a seven year old phone, long out of support? With other people reporting at the same time the same problem arising from software updates, how could my problem differ from theirs?

Last night after I made the post, for the first time ever, during a restart, I saw during a bright green screen with some moving gears saying "Android starting, App 1 of 1." I found some posts saying the screen results from an update. I don't recall ever seeing that screen on my other Samsung devices when they got updates. Why would Samsung update my phone?

I decided to further examine my Android 4.4.2 Tab 4 tablet. I use the device for backup and occasionally as a extra device when I want to view different documents or pages within a document or webpage without the hassle of switching between them on one device. For example, I may want to read text about a map, graph, table, or graphic and have the map, graph, table, or graphic display on a second device as I read the text. I keep all in my extra devices powered off.

I would swear that, despite some different interface elements, the calendar programs on the Tab 4 in my S5 worked the same.

I turned on my Tab 4 and immediately turned Wi-Fi off, in case Samsung might be trying to update it. I opened the calendar program, chose add an event, and opened the repeat option. In the repeat radio button dialog box on my Tab 4, I saw options that I did not see in the same dialog box on my an galaxy S5:

Every weekday (Mon-Fri)
Weekly (every Thursday)
Every 2 weeks (Thursday)
Monthly (every first Thursday)
Monthly (on day 1)
Yearly on (on day 1)

I used to have these options on my S5. Now on my S5 I have only weekly, monthly, and yearly. How do such useful and important options in old program just disappear?