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Can't delete credit cards on samsung wallet when phone's screen is broken

(Topic created: 10-01-2022 08:40 AM)
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I learned that in order to register Chase credit cards, you need to delete these cards registered in your old device. I got a new phone because my old phone's screen is broken. I hooked up this broken phone to a monitor so I can open samsung wallet. But when you click to enter pin, the monitor turns blank so you can only see and do things on your phone but my phone is broken and does not take any touch input. Ugh this is such a stupid design and I can't delete my cards when my phone is broken. I guess I won't be able to use chase cards anymore on samsung pay but this is such an idiotic design. 

Does anybody know the solution for this? If I do factory reset, I won't be able to use chase cards any more. Ugh I guess I'll need to call Chase but they have no clue and I have to be on phone for multiple hours ugh!!!Ugh!!!! 
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@userkvp5dNBCuZ On your new phone, try this:

  1. Open Samsung Wallet
  2. Click on the word Menu in lower right
  3. Click on the gear icon
  4. Click on Manage devices
  5. You should be able to remove the old device from your Samsung wallet.