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Can't disable default weather app

(Topic created: 08-15-2022 07:50 AM)
Cosmic Ray
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Hello helpul and kind community,

I am using a Samsung S22 Ultra with full updates and Android to current version. Have rebooted since the issue became known.

I installed a new weather app the other day. I tried to uninstall or disable the default weather, but they are not available. I turned off every notification capability I could find. Removed all permissions, but nothing fixes the problem.

I now get the temp twice (Well, I get 1 correct temp and the default app temp that is usually off by 15-20⁰. ). It also shows up in my notification list. I can't get rid of them, they pop right back up. Default weather is running in the background, even though I turned that permission off.

The default weather does not show up in the app notification list even just after the weather notifications. That doesn't seem right.

Looked into the default app, got flooded with adds, but I couldn't see any options in the menu, except to buy the premium version (maybe it has the settings). Am I missing a settings option on there?

Does anyone know how to tactically annihilate this default app? Maybe how to deep sleep it? Or, how to permanently stop the notifications?


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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hello, We understand how frustrating it can be trying to access the weather information you need right away. This article will provide the steps for disabling the preinstalled app, as well as how to change the default app, and manage permissions. https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00078952/