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Changing 24 hours reset time for those that work around the clock

(Topic created: 07-12-2022 02:26 AM)
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Is there anyway to employment a change in the 24 hour reset time? I understand how a 24 hour period works for a specific date, however, would really enjoy having my step count, calories as well as my sleep cycle not be reset in the middle of my 'day'. Makes for a pain in the butt time trying to tally things up at the end of the shift when I get home and I can never set a goal or a trend. I've seen the last thing that was posted about this was just tagged by a moderator from 2 years ago, and tbh, I thought we would have come leaps and strides from me asking this within 2 years. I guess this will fall on deaf ears but let us know. I know I'm not the only one who works overnight or rotating schedules or whatever.



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