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Compatible icon packs

(Topic created on: 3/4/21 12:01 AM)
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I very well may just be late to the mod game and haven't figured it out yet, but I haven't been able to find any icon packs from the Galaxy Store that will change my non native app icons. I have been trying out ones from the Play Store along with launchers to allow them to work but I'd prefer to not have to use a launcher since I haven't fallen in love with any yet or haven't wanted to pay for the premium versions of the app. Are there any icon packs that can change all my icons?? I don't have anything obscure, just Fb, Ig, TextNow, Tor, Dropbox, Telegram, SkyVpn, Nice Lock, 2 Avast apps and a few photo editing apps. (I also just installed the Hex installer but I haven't attempted much with it yet because I'm not sure my phone is actually compatible.) I do have the Good Lock module Theme Park but haven't had luck getting all the icons to match using it either. Does anyone have any tips or tricks?? I have a Galaxy J7 Neo (also called NXT??) with Android 9. (I know it's old and I should upgrade but I kinda like it and love not having a phone payment!) Not sure if discussing modifications is ok here, but I am not opposed to rooting. Actually, I'd like to root it but none of the one click apps have worked and I dont have a PC. Any suggestions on that would be appreciated as well!! Thank you!;
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